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California Limited Liability Company | Wysk # LHE4MJJ

UCC Filings | California (Home State)

California Secretary of State Data updated August 28, 2014

UCC Filing Summary

Filing Number Type Status Filing Date Lapse Date
67077354079 Financing Statement Unlapsed 07/12/2006 07/12/2016

Filing Number 67077354079


Name Address
Alamo Investment Company 1401 Guerneville
Santa Rosa CA 95403


Name Address
IRVING 75063
Washington Mutual Bank, FA 3929 W JOHN CARPENTER FWY
IRVING 75063

Initial Filing

Status Pages Filing Lapse Date
Unlapsed 5 07/12/2006 07/12/2016


UCC-3 Filing Number Filing Type Pages Filing Date
1172756521 Continuation 1 07/01/2011
1172781596 Amendment 1 07/25/2011


Filing Number Collateral
0670773540 All facilities, fixtures, machinery, apparatus, installations, goodsfurniture, building materials and supplies, equipment, inventory, and otherproperties of any nature whatsoever now or hereafter located in or used orprocured for use in connection with the real property located at 1401Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 or at any adjacent real propertyencumbered by a deed of trust, mortgage or similar security instrument in favorof Secured Party (collectively, the "Property"), together with all contractsagreements, permits, plans, specifications, drawings, surveys, engineeringreports, and other work products relating to the construction of the existingor any future improvements on the Property, and any and all rights of Debtorin, to, or under any architects' contracts or construction contracts relatingto the construction of the existing or any future improvements on the Propertyand any performance and/or payment bonds issued in connection therewithtogether with all trademarks, trade names, copyrights, computer software, andother intellectual property used by Debtor in connection with the Propertytogether with any and all rights of Debtor without limitation to make claimfor, collect, receive, and receipt for any and all rents, income, revenuesissues, royalties, and profits, including mineral, oil, and gas rights andprofits, insurance proceeds, condemnation awards, and other moneys payable orreceivable from or on account of any of the Property, including interestthereon, or to enforce all other provisions of any agreement (including thosereferred to above) affecting or relating to any of the Property, together withany and all rights of Debtor in any and all accounts, rights to paymentcontract rights, chattel paper, documents, instruments, licenses, contractsagreements, and general intangibles relating to any of the Property, includingwithout limitation, income and profits derived from the operation of anybusiness on the Property or attributable to services that occur or are providedon the Property or generated from the use and operation of the Property, andtogether with all books and records of Debtor relating to the foregoing in anyform.

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