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California Secretary of State Data updated August 28, 2014

UCC Filing Summary

Filing Number Type Status Filing Date Lapse Date
77120853821 Financing Statement Unlapsed 07/11/2007 07/11/2017

Filing Number 77120853821


Name Address
A.C.R.S. INC. 7941 Whitaker Street
Buena Park CA 90621


Name Address
CALIFORNIA NATIONAL BANK, a national banking association 221 South Figueroa Street, 3rd Floor
Los Angeles CA 90012-2552

Initial Filing

Status Pages Filing Lapse Date
Unlapsed 7 07/11/2007 07/11/2017


UCC-3 Filing Number Filing Type Pages Filing Date
1072481152 Assignment 1 10/13/2010
1172757143 Amendment 2 07/05/2011
1272999271 Continuation 1 02/06/2012
1373662447 Termination 1 06/21/2013


Filing Number Collateral
0771208538 All inventory, equipment, accounts (including but not limited to allhealthcare-insurance receivables), chattel paper, instruments (including butnot limited to all promissory notes), letter-of-credit rights, letters ofcredit, documents, deposit accounts, investment property, money, other rightsto payment and performance, and general intangibles (including but not limitedto all software and all payment intangibles); all fixtures; all attachmentsaccessions, accessories, fittings, increases, tools, parts, repairs, suppliesand commingled goods relating to the foregoing property, and all additionsreplacements of and substitutions for all or any part of the foregoingproperty; all insurance refunds relating to the foregoing property; all goodwill relating to the foregoing property; all records and data and embeddedsoftware relating to the foregoing property, and all equipment, inventory andsoftware to utilize, create, maintain and process any such records and data onelectronic media, and all supporting obligations relating to the foregoingproperty; all whether now existing or hereafter arising, whether now owned orhereafter acquired or whether now or hereafter subject to any rights in theforegoing property; and all products and proceeds (including but not limited toall insurance payments) of or relating to the foregoing property.
1172757143 All of the following whether now owned or existing or hereafter acquired by theDebtor (or by the Debtor with spouse) wherever located (including alldocuments, general intangibles, additions and accessions, spare and repairparts, special tools, replacements, returned or repossessed goods and books andrecords relating to the following; and all proceeds, supporting obligations andproducts of the following):All assets of the Debtor including, without limitationall accounts, instruments, documents, chattel paper, general intangiblescontract rights, all investment property (including any securities entitlementsand/or securities accounts held by Debtor), certificates of deposit, alldeposit accounts, all letter of credit rights;all inventory; all equipment;Other than the sale or lease of inventory in the ordinary course of Debtor'sbusiness, the purchase by or pledge to another party of any of the abovedescribed collateral violates the rights of the Secured Party.

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