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California Limited Liability Company | Wysk # 6NNVDWL

UCC Filings | California (Home State)

California Secretary of State Data updated August 28, 2014

UCC Filing Summary

Filing Number Type Status Filing Date Lapse Date
67084529910 Financing Statement Unlapsed 09/11/2006 09/11/2016

Filing Number 67084529910


Name Address
ABC Bounce Company 12733 San Fernando Rd
Sylmar CA 91342
Rodrigo N Pineda 12733 San Fernando Rd
Sylmar CA
The Bounce Around 12733 San Fernando Rd
Sylmar CA 91342


Name Address
Telesis Community Credit Union 9301 Winnetka Avenue
Chatsworth CA 91311

Initial Filing

Status Pages Filing Lapse Date
Unlapsed 5 09/11/2006 09/11/2016


UCC-3 Filing Number Filing Type Pages Filing Date
0771341680 Amendment 2 10/24/2007
1172670640 Continuation 1 04/20/2011


Filing Number Collateral
0670845299 All equipment, furniture, fixtures, inventory, accounts, all contract rightsand general intangibles, now owned and hereafter acquired.
0771341680 All inventory, equipment, accounts (including but not limited to allhealth-care-insurance receivables), chattel paper, instruments (including butnot limited to all promissory notes), letter-of-credit rights, letters ofcredit, documents, deposit accounts, investment property, money, other rightsto payment and performance, and general intangibles (including but not limitedto all software and all payment intangibles); all oil, gas, and other mineralsbefore extraction; all oil, gas, other minerals and accounts constitutingas-extracted collateral; all furniture and fixtures; all timber to be cut; allattachments, accessions, accessories, fittings, increases, tools, partsrepairs, supplies, and commingled goods related to the foregoing property, andall additions, replacements of and substitutions for all or any part of theforegoing property; all insurance refunds relating to the foregoing property;all good will relating to the foregoing property; all records and data andembedded software relating to the foregoing property, and all equipmentinventory and software to utilize, create, maintain and process any suchrecords and data on electronic media; and all supporting obligations relatingto the foregoing property; all whether now existing or hereafter arisingwhether now owned or hereafter acquired or whether now or hereafter subject toany rights in the foregoing property; and all products and proceeds (includingbut not limited to all insurance payments) of or relating to the foregoingproperty.

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