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California Secretary of State Data updated August 28, 2014

UCC Filing Summary

Filing Number Type Status Filing Date Lapse Date
77107393370 Financing Statement Unlapsed 03/23/2007 03/23/2017

Filing Number 77107393370


Name Address
ASRV GENERAL WL, LLC 7935 Entrada Lazanja
San Diego CA 92127
SSRV GENERAL WL, LLC 7935 Entrada Lazanja
San Diego CA 92127
HSRV GENERAL WL, LLC 7935 Entrada Lazanja
San Diego CA 92127


Name Address
FLINT MI 48501-2300

Initial Filing

Status Pages Filing Lapse Date
Unlapsed 5 03/23/2007 03/23/2017


UCC-3 Filing Number Filing Type Pages Filing Date
1272988227 Continuation 1 01/26/2012


Filing Number Collateral
0771073933 ASRV General WL, LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyHSRV General WLLLC, a California Limited Liability CompanySSRV General WL, LLC, a CaliforniaLimited Liability CompanyLoan No. 41-0905117MERS NO. 8000101-00000041920EXHIBITA TO FINANCING STATEMENT(Collateral Description)1.COLLATERAL DESCRIPTION. ThisFinancing Statement covers the following described personal property in whichDebtor now or at any time hereafter has any interest ("Collateral"):All goodsbuilding and other materials, supplies, work in process, equipment, machineryfixtures, furniture, furnishings, signs and other personal property, whereversituated, which are or are to be incorporated into, used in connection with orappropriated for use on the real property described on Schedule 1 attachedhereto and incorporated by reference herein ("Property"); all rents, issuesdeposits and profits of the Property (to the extent, if any, they are notsubject to the Absolute Assignment of Rents and Leases); all inventoryaccounts, cash receipts, deposit accounts, impounds, accounts receivablecontract rights, general intangibles, software, chattel paper, instrumentsdocuments, promissory notes, drafts, letters of credit, letter of creditrights, supporting obligations, insurance policies, insurance and condemnationawards and proceeds, any other rights to the payment of money, trade namestrademarks and service marks arising from or related to the Property or anybusiness now or hereafter conducted thereon by Borrower; all permits, consentsapprovals, licenses, authorizations and other rights granted by, given by orobtained from, any governmental entity with respect to the Property; alldeposits or other security now or hereafter made with or given to utilitycompanies by Borrower with respect to the Property; all advance payments ofinsurance premiums made by Borrower with respect to the Property; all plansdrawings and specifications relating to the Property; all loan funds held byLender, whether or not disbursed; all funds deposited with Lender pursuant toany Loan Document; all reserves, deferred payments, deposits, accountsrefunds, cost savings and payments of any kind related to the Property or anyportion thereof, including, without limitation, all "Impounds" as defined inthe Security Instrument; together with all replacements and proceeds of, andadditions and accessions to, any of the foregoing, and all books, records andfiles relating to any of the foregoing. 2.INTERPRETATION. The filing of thisFinancing Statement shall not be construed to derogate from or impair the lienor provisions of the ("Security Instrument") of even date herewith from Debtorto Secured Party with respect to any property described therein which is realproperty or which the parties have agreed to treat as real property.Similarly, nothing in this Financing Statement shall be construed to alter anyof the rights of Secured Party as determined by the Security Instrument or thepriority of Secured Party's lien created thereby, and this Financing Statementis declared to be for the protection of Secured Party in the event any courtshall at any time hold that notice of Secured Party's priority of interest inany property or interests described in the Security Instrument must be filed inthe UCC records in order to be effective against a particular class of personsincluding, without limitation, the Federal Government or any subdivision orentity of the Federal Government. Capitalized terms not otherwise definedherein shall have the same meanings as in the Security Instrument. SCHEDULE 1TO EXHIBIT A TO A FINANCING STATEMENT(Description of Land)The Land referred toin this is situated in Clark County, Nevada and is described as follows:PARCELIThat portion of the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter of section 29township 20 south, range 61 east, M.D.B.&M., and lying northeasterly of U.S.Highway95 (Tonopah Highway) described s follows:Commencing at the center ofsaid section 29, hence along the easterly line of the southeast quarter of thenorthwest quarter of section 29, north 01A,A Degree 18 minutes 27 seconds east40.00 feet to a 5/8 inch rebar & cap marked R.L.S. 807, set on the northerlyline of Washington Avenue, 80 feet wide, being the true point of beginning;thence north 88A,A Degree 40 minutes 23 seconds west 31.97 feet to thebeginning of a curve to the right, having a central angle of 52A,A Degree 20minutes 00 second and a radius of 42.00 feet; thence northwesterly, 38.24 feetalong the arc of said curve to a point on the northeasterly lilne of said U.S.Highway 95, thence along said northeasterly line and tangent to said curve;north 36A,A Degree 20 minutes 23 seconds west 139.35 feet; thence north 53A,ADegree 39 minutes 37 seconds east 184.60 feet to a point on said easterly lineof the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter of said section 29, thencealong said easterly line south 0A,A Degree 18 minutes 27 seconds west 239.50feet to the true point of beginning.Excepting therefrom that portion asconveyed to the City of Las Vegas by Grant Deed recorded August 10, 2000 inBook 20000810 as Document No. 00433, Official Records, Clark CountyNevada.PARCEL IILot 3A of record of survey recorded November 13, 1998 in File98 of surveys, Page 66, being a portion of lot 1 of Washington Park two, by mapthereof on file in Book 56 of Plats, Page 40, in the office of the CountyRecorder of Clark County of Nevada, Also known as a portion of Parcel 3 of thatrecord of survey recorded January 20, 1994 in file 69 of surveys, page 31described as follows:Beginning at the southwest corner of said Parcel 3, alsobeing a point on the northerly right-of-way line of Washington Avenue; thencenorth 0A,A Degree 27 minutes 17 seconds west a distance of 248.38 feet; thenesouth 89A,A Degree 25 minutes 47 seconds east a distance of 287.91 feet; thencesouth 0A,A Degree 34 minutes 13 seconds west a distance of 248.34 feet; thencenorth 89A,A Degree 25 minutes 47 seconds west a distance of 283.47 feet to thepoint of beginning.NOTE: The above metes and bounds description appearedpreviously in that certain document recorded May 06, 2003 in Book 20030506 asInstrument No. 04062.A.P.N. 139-29-201-005

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