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California Secretary of State Data updated August 28, 2014

UCC Filing Summary

Filing Number Type Status Filing Date Lapse Date
77102523097 Financing Statement Unlapsed 02/13/2007 02/13/2017

Filing Number 77102523097


Name Address
51 Federal Street Associates, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company 51 Federal Street, Suite 307
San Francisco CA 94107


Name Address
FLINT MI 48501-2300

Initial Filing

Status Pages Filing Lapse Date
Unlapsed 4 02/13/2007 02/13/2017


UCC-3 Filing Number Filing Type Pages Filing Date
1272971800 Continuation 1 01/13/2012


Filing Number Collateral
0771025230 51 Federal Street Associates, LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyLoanNo. 41-0904246MERS No. 800010100000031277EXHIBIT A TO FINANCINGSTATEMENT(Collateral Description)1.COLLATERAL DESCRIPTION. This FinancingStatement covers the following described personal property in which Debtor nowor at any time hereafter has any interest ("Collateral"):All goods, buildingand other materials, supplies, work in process, equipment, machinery, fixturesfurniture, furnishings, signs and other personal property, wherever situatedwhich are or are to be incorporated into, used in connection with orappropriated for use on the real property described on Schedule 1 attachedhereto and incorporated by reference herein ("Property"); all rents, issuesdeposits and profits of the Property (to the extent, if any, they are notsubject to the Absolute Assignment of Rents and Leases); all inventoryaccounts, cash receipts, deposit accounts, impounds, accounts receivablecontract rights (including rights pursuant to that certain Industrial LeaseGross, dated December 26, 1984, as amended, by and between CRM-San Francisco VLimited Partnership and Pacific Heights Development Co., Inc. regarding thelease of parking spaces at 60 Federal Street, San Francisco), generalintangibles, software, chattel paper, instruments, documents, promissory notesdrafts, letters of credit, letter of credit rights, supporting obligationsinsurance policies, insurance and condemnation awards and proceeds, any otherrights to the payment of money, trade names, trademarks and service marksarising from or related to the Property or any business now or hereafterconducted thereon by Borrower; all permits, consents, approvals, licensesauthorizations and other rights granted by, given by or obtained from, anygovernmental entity with respect to the Property; all deposits or othersecurity now or hereafter made with or given to utility companies by Borrowerwith respect to the Property; all advance payments of insurance premiums madeby Borrower with respect to the Property; all plans, drawings andspecifications relating to the Property; all loan funds held by Lender, whetheror not disbursed; all funds deposited with Lender pursuant to any LoanDocument; all reserves, deferred payments, deposits, accounts, refunds, costsavings and payments of any kind related to the Property or any portionthereof, including, without limitation, all "Impounds" as defined in theSecurity Instrument; together with all replacements and proceeds of, andadditions and accessions to, any of the foregoing, and all books, records andfiles relating to any of the foregoing.2.INTERPRETATION. The filing of thisFinancing Statement shall not be construed to derogate from or impair the lienor provisions of the ("Security Instrument") dated as of May 22, 2006 fromDebtor to Secured Party with respect to any property described therein which isreal property or which the parties have agreed to treat as real property.Similarly, nothing in this Financing Statement shall be construed to alter anyof the rights of Secured Party as determined by the Security Instrument or thepriority of Secured Party's lien created thereby, and this Financing Statementis declared to be for the protection of Secured Party in the event any courtshall at any time hold that notice of Secured Party's priority of interest inany property or interests described in the Security Instrument must be filed inthe UCC records in order to be effective against a particular class of personsincluding, without limitation, the Federal Government or any subdivision orentity of the Federal Government. Capitalized terms not otherwise definedherein shall have the same meanings as in the Security Instrument. SCHEDULE 1TO EXHIBIT A TO FINANCING STATEMENT(Description of Property)PropertyDescription.The Property referred to in Section 1 of Exhibit A to thisFinancing Statement is situated in the County of San Francisco, State ofCalifornia and is described as follows:Beginning at a point on thesoutheasterly line of Federal Street, distant thereon 325 feet southwesterlyfrom the southwesterly line of First Street; running thence southwesterly alongsaid line of Federal Street 87 feet and 6 inches; thence at a right anglesoutheasterly 80 feet; thence at a right angle northeasterly 87 feet and 6inches; thence at a right angle northwesterly 80 feet to the point ofbeginning.Being a portion of 100 Vara Block No. 351.Assessor's Lot 013; Block3774

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