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California Secretary of State Data updated August 28, 2014

UCC Filing Summary

Filing Number Type Status Filing Date Lapse Date
77122597595 Financing Statement Lapsed 07/24/2007 07/24/2012

Filing Number 77122597595


Name Address
BO Investments, LLC 732 Ramona Avenue
Albany CA 94709


Name Address
Greater Bay Bank N.A. 5010 Old Ironsides Dr.
Santa Clara CA 95054

Initial Filing

Status Pages Filing Lapse Date
Lapsed 3 07/24/2007 07/24/2012


UCC-3 Filing Number Filing Type Pages Filing Date
0972075486 Termination 1 09/04/2009


Filing Number Collateral
0771225975 All equipment, fixtures, and other articles of personal property now orhereafter owned by Debtor, and now or hereafter attached or affixed to the RealProperty located at 936 Kains Avenue, Albany, CA 94706; together with allaccessions, parts, and additions to, all replacements of, and all substitutionsfor, any of such property; and together with all proceeds (including withoutlimitation all insurance proceeds and refunds of premiums) from any sale orother disposition of the Property. The words "Personal Property" also includeall tangible and intangible items obtained or owned by, or in the possession ofDebtor that are directly or indirectly related to the acquisition, developmentdesign, construction, permitting, marketing, or habitation of the Real Propertyor the Improvements to be constructed on the Real Property, whether heretoforeor hereafter issued, prepared, or executed, including without limitation allpermits, licenses, authorizations and approvals, trademarks and tradenames, andany and all land use entitlements, development rights, sewer capacityapprovals, density allocations and other rights or approvals relating to orauthorizing the development or occupancy of the Property, plus all utility orother deposits, reimbursement rights, studies, tests, contracts, plans andspecifications, relating to the Property and Improvements whether any of theforegoing is owned now or acquired later; all accessions, additionsreplacements, and substitutions relating to any of the foregoing; all recordsof any kind relating to any of the foregoing; all proceeds relating to any ofthe foregoing (including insurance, general intangibles and accounts proceeds).

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