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Good Standing for

Massachusetts Corporation | Wysk # DD3URLA
State Registrations
Good Standing | California (Foreign State)

California Franchise Tax Board Data updated August 26, 2014

FTB Suspension Status Code: Forfeited
FTB Suspension Date: 02/01/1990
Good Standing | Georgia (Foreign State)


Georgia only releases information on a business taxpayer to owners or officers of that business. To request information on your own business, contact the Georgia Department of Revenue at 1-877-423-6711 or visit the DOR website at www.dor.ga.gov.

Good Standing | Massachusetts (Home State)


The Massachusetts Department of Revenue administers Massachusetts' business taxes, including Business Income, Excise, and Trustee Taxes. Bulk data on Massachusetts business taxpayers is not available at this time.

To request information on your own business, contact the Massachusetts Department of Revenue visit the DOR website at www.mass.gov/dor/businesses/programs-and-services/certificate-of-good-standing.html.

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