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Massachusetts Domestic Profit Corporation | Wysk # MR4YDE8
Good Standing | Massachusetts (Home State)


The Massachusetts Department of Revenue administers Massachusetts' business taxes, including Business Income, Excise, and Trustee Taxes. Bulk data on Massachusetts business taxpayers is not available at this time.

To request information on your own business, contact the Massachusetts Department of Revenue visit the DOR website at www.mass.gov/dor/businesses/programs-and-services/certificate-of-good-standing.html.

Good Standing | California (Foreign State)

California Franchise Tax Board Data updated August 26, 2014

FTB Suspension Status Code: Not Suspended (In Good Standing)
FTB Suspension Date: N/A
Good Standing | Connecticut (Foreign State)


The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services does not release taxpayer standing information in bulk at this time. You can contact the DRS regarding your own business tax status at (860) 297-5962 or learn more by visiting http://www.ct.gov/drs.

Good Standing | Ohio (Foreign State)


Not available

Good Standing | Pennsylvania (Foreign State)


Not available

Good Standing | Washington (Foreign State)


The Washington Department of Revenue administers Washington business taxes, including Business and Occupation, Retail Sales, Use, and Public Utilities Taxes. Bulk data on Washington business taxpayers is not available at this time, but you can search for public data on an individual business at http://dor.wa.gov/content/doingbusiness/registermybusiness/brd.

You can also search the records of the Business Licensing Service at http://bls.dor.wa.gov/LicenseSearch.

Good Standing | Wisconsin (Foreign State)

Wisconsin Dept. of Financial Institutions

Wisconsin does not publicly release information on business taxpayers in bulk format. To request tax information about your own business, contact the Department of Revenue at (608) 266-2772 or www.revenue.wi.gov.

The Department of Revenue publishes a list of seriously delinquent taxpayers at www.revenue.wi.gov/html/delqlist.html.

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