Wysk B2B Data Hub

Search & Document Retrieval

From UCC searches to more comprehensive due diligence involving litigation history, bankruptcy records, and more, Wysk® provides the most accurate, comprehensive searches in the industry. Our search consultants can offer their expertise in helping you devise the best search strategy. Depending on the complexity and risk involved in a particular transaction, you choose the level of due diligence required, and Wysk will bring you search results that are clear, comprehensive, and accurate.

Recurring Searches

Quickly manage varying levels of recurring due diligence for any size portfolio. The Wysk Business Report highlights federal tax and other liens so you can take action to protect yourself. The report organizes and displays results in multiple categories, including all historical findings. Better yet, managing this process has never been easier for you; we could save you hours of work each month.

Comprehensive Search

The Wysk Business Search is a technology breakthrough that brings the power of big business public data to your browser.

Multi-Jurisdictional Searches

Select multiple jurisdictions for a particular search term via our automated business registration unification. Our technology automatically displays the applicable search products based on the jurisdictions selected.

Key Benefits

  • Dramatically reduced search time
  • Instant access to state-level UCC filings
  • Accurate litigation records from both state and federal courts
  • Elimination of tedious paperwork
  • Accurate, up-to-date information, including RA9-compliant search capability and access to jurisdictional experts
  • Search options include online or via phone, fax, or email

Types of Searches

  • Bankruptcy records
  • Litigation records
  • Real property
  • UCC liens
  • Other public records