Wysk B2B Data Hub

Wysk for Small and Medium Businesses

B2B Due Diligence

B2B due diligence has historically been unavailable to small and medium-sized businesses because of the high cost and restrictive long-term subscription models of the existing public business data providers. Traditionally, accurate business data searches such as pending litigation, bankruptcy, or real estate ownership could only be done through attorneys or title companies. This made the cost of business due diligence prohibitively expensive, both in terms of time and money. Now there is a solution.

Power of Public Data

SMBs can now harness the power of billions of pieces of public business data pre-indexed to their target business entities. Wysk® purchases, maintains, and updates the industry's most comprehensive set of databases from Secretary of State offices and other state-level business registrars. Once a business is found, Wysk queries official public data sources in real time. The result is the most up-to-date, accurate business reports for real B2B due diligence.

Free Search Engine

The Wysk Business Search is a technological breakthrough that brings the power of big business public data to your browser, free of charge. Our search engine allows you to quickly find the correct legal identity of your debtor and cross-reference officer or address fields to find other related entities, all at no charge to you.

Multi-Jurisdictional Searches

Select multiple jurisdictions for a particular search name via our automated business registration unification. Our technology automatically displays the applicable search products based on the jurisdictions selected.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use search engine
  • Businesses listed under their correct legal identities
  • Accurate litigation records from both state and federal courts
  • Industry-first on-demand reports searching more than a billion data points and indexing relevant B2B due diligence data to your target entity
  • Unbeatable pricing models for SMBs
  • Ability to underwrite potential vendors, customers, and partners via a review of both current and previous business dealings

Types of Searches

  • Bankruptcy records
  • Litigation records
  • Real property
  • UCC liens
  • Other public records