Wysk B2B Data Hub

Wysk for Trade Creditors

Real Data

Instead of self-reported survey data or payment histories, the Wysk® Business Report uses the most direct indicators of default found through public data searches on your target and related entities.

From UCC searches to more comprehensive due diligence involving litigation history, bankruptcy records, and more, Wysk provides the most comprehensive searches in the industry, with search results that are clear and accurate.


The collection of public data about a potential business customer enhances the quality of the credit granting decision. That same information also has strategic implications: it can strengthen a company's understanding of its customer base and lead to expanding that base. The credit department is, in effect, an information warehouse within any company.

Gathering the most predictive information about a customer beforehand, in order to assure that you will get paid, will reduce your risk.

Free Search Engine

The Wysk Business Search is a technological breakthrough that brings the power of big business public data to your browser, free of charge. Our search engine allows you to quickly find the correct legal identity of your debtor and cross-reference officer or address fields to find other related entities, all at no charge to you.

Multi-Jurisdictional Searches

Select multiple jurisdictions for a particular search name via our automated business registration unification. Our technology automatically displays the applicable search products based on the jurisdictions selected.

Key Benefits

  • Always find the correct legal identity of your customer
  • Find accurate litigation records from both state and federal courts
  • Get industry-first on-demand reports searching more than a billion data points and indexing relevant B2B due diligence data to your target entity
  • Eliminate tiresome paperwork
  • Collect accurate, up-to-date information with RA9-compliant search capability and access to jurisdictional experts

Types of Searches

  • Bankruptcy records
  • Litigation records
  • Real property
  • UCC liens
  • Other public records